Man Attempted to Photobomb his Wife Working out and Fails

Image of man photobombing wife's workout

Photobombing got cringe-worthy when a man attempted to photobomb his wife working out and fails. And, wifey didn’t let the day pass without sharing the incident online.

While Karli Jaeckel was doing the leg lifts on her fitness video, her husband, Jeff, tried to photobomb her to make it more entertaining. The scene was supposed to look funny and enjoying, but it didn’t turn out well. He lost his grip on the kitchen top, hit his head on the cabinet, and sprawled on the floor. Then, he rolled on his stomach and just laid there. The unintentional mishap may look funny but do feel your stomach cringe?

Karli stopped her exercise and walked over to him to check what happened. However, she wanted to finish her workout which made him feel bad and said,

“Probably the worst part about this was right after it happened, Karli whispered to me ‘is it okay if I finish my work out?’”

Karli, doing her leg lifts while Jeff in the background tries to involve himself in the workout routine.

Over a year, Karli has been posting fitness videos online. And it’s not the first time that her husband wanted to be funny and involved himself in the taping.

Karli’s fitness video has given attention to most social media sites like Instagram and Reddit. It’s also getting more views and shares online. Viewers had mixed emotions when they saw the video. Some viewers commented how much the incident made them laugh. Others got concerned about his condition. However, Jaeckel later announced to the world that her husband was okay and wasn’t seriously injured.

Photobombing workout videos can be fun and enjoyable. That’s what you call entertainment! However, it’s inevitable for mishaps to happen in the process. It just shows that gravity can sometimes isn’t friendly.