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Photobombing has become a trend among some people, especially to teenagers. And since it’s a trend, most of us want to join the bandwagon. You’re not ‘IN’ if you don’t know what a photobomb is. And you’re not human if you’ve never photobombed anyone your whole life. We can simply say that people are into it, and some people are willing to do anything to get a good photobomb.
Photobombing isn’t just a trend; it’s also become an art. You can’t just walk behind anyone who has their photo being taken and expects that to be called photobombing. You need the perfect place, perfect timing, perfect props, perfect everything. You need to do it perfectly. So how exactly do you execute the perfect photobomb?

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Photobombs.com is a curated site featuring the best and worst photobomb pictures on the internet. From A-list celebrities to random animals, this site brings together an ‘all bomb’ photobomb memories for fun.