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Photobombing has become a trend among some people, especially to teenagers. And since it’s a trend, most of us want to join the bandwagon.

You’re not ‘IN’ if you don’t know what a photobomb is. And you’re not human if you’ve never photobombed anyone your whole life. We can simply say that people are into it, and some people are willing to do anything to get a good photobomb.

Photobombing isn’t just a trend; it’s also become an art. You can’t just walk behind anyone who has their photo being taken and expects that to be called photobombing. You need the perfect place, perfect timing, perfect props, perfect everything. You need to do it perfectly. So how exactly do you execute the perfect photobomb?

Well, don’t fret my friend. In this article, I’ll teach you how to execute the perfect photobomb. Here, you’ll learn how to photobomb like a pro.

How to Photobomb

1. You should always be looking out for the opportunity. Be alert. Scan your surroundings. Look for people who are getting ready to take pictures. Every time someone’s holding their phone up or placing their camera in position, get near them.

2. You should be willing to rightfully position yourself. Every time you’re ready to pounce, find the perfect place. Position yourself …discreetly. Remember to do things discreetly, okay? You don’t want to get caught. And it’s not the ideal photobomb if you get noticed!

3. You should choose where to position yourself. Decide where will you’ll put yourself. On the front, on the side, or in the back? Position yourself where the would-be victim or victims won’t easily notice you. Better do it fast, since the opportunity to photobomb doesn’t always come easily. And remember to position yourself where you can do much damage and be unnoticeable.

4. You should do it with perfect ease and timing.

Always know when to pounce. Don’t just walk back and forth where the picture will be taken – you’ll get caught doing that! And it wouldn’t be spontaneous! Jump in at the right moment. Listen and watch when to photobomb. When you hear them counting “3…2…1… “, get ready to photobomb at “Say cheese!”.

5. You should always discreetly walk away.

Don’t wait for them to check out the photo and catch you photobombing. Walk away like you were innocent, and did not do that intentionally. There’s more fun if you’re far away and waiting for your victims’ reactions.

6. You should always be prepared if it backfires. If you do get caught, act and look innocent. And if they don’t buy it, work as if it was a prank that you want to pull, and you wanted some good laugh. If it angers your victims, offer to take their photo instead.

Now there you go, you’re now ready to photobomb! You could be the next internet sensation if you master your photobombing skills. Just remember these tips on how to photobomb.