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Adorable Panda Photobombs Melania Trump at the Beijing Zoo

Pandas are too adorable you wouldn’t mind being upstaged by them. But does someone like Melania Trump feel the same way? Is the spotlight too small for both of them as an adorable panda photobombs former model and ‘First Lady’ Melania Trump? We don’t think so.

The 46-year old ‘First Lady’ of the United States of America dropped by China to visit some of the country’s historical sites before going to Alaska. President Donald Trump was already on his way to Vietnam for the APEC meeting.

She went to visit the Great Wall of China and the Beijing Zoo, which is known for its giant pandas.

A group of children who’s in the same class greeted Melania Trump at the zoo.

The children waved Chinese and American flags while they were singing a Chinese folk song and an English song. She was having a good time as she sang and clapped at the children’s performance. In return, she gave them plush bald eagle toys.

They were all smiles as they prepared for a group photo in front of the panda enclosure. Little do they know that a giant panda named Meng’er (cute #2 in English) is photobombing the picture and stealing the spotlight from Melania. The panda made an epic pose with his perfectly timed over-the-shoulder pose. He was busy munching a bamboo when he did the photobombing stint. I’m sure this photobomber makes Melania’s visit to the zoo more memorable. They came to share the limelight pretty well.

Before the photobombed group photo was taken, Melania got the chance to interact with another giant panda in the zoo named Gu Gu. She helped feed her and studied the panda’s nutrition. The panda was born in 1999 and acts as the zoo’s ‘goodwill ambassador.’ Gu Gu, as described by the zoo’s director, Li Xiaoguang, is a good-looking panda with a sharp memory.

As Melania visited the zoo’s gift shop, the zoo’s director gave her a stuffed panda as a souvenir. She then stopped to sign a poster with her name along with a message that says ‘Thank you to the Beijing Zoo! Wonderful to meet Gu Gu!’.

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