Photobombs make your most important event of your lives worth remembering. Much more if the one who does the photobombing is a celebrity or someone in a prominent position.

Who would’ve thought that the Emmy Award-winner and comedienne, Amy Schumer, would make your wedding the best moment ever?

Recently, E! News reported that while Schumer was meeting with the designer Stella McCartney at London, she spotted a pair of newlyweds having their post-wedding photo shoot outside the nearby Mayfair Library. Jon Bates and Jasmin Pereira had just finished exchanging vows and didn’t expect that their wedding would be more memorable than ever. Schumer went behind the newlyweds’ and posed herself in the midst of the couple while they had their post-nuptial photo shoot. She hilariously made an epic and funny pose which brightened up the event. It must be the grandest time for the couple when Amy Schumer photobombed at their wedding in London.

Pereira said to E! News that Schumer got out of her car and asked for a photo with them. She gave her best wishes to the couple and asked them to take pictures with her by her car. Schumer also offered the couple to give her car a “spin.” They appreciated her offer, but they delightedly declined. The wedding guests were very much fascinated and found the unexpected moment hilarious.

She must be the photobomb queen as she had photobombed various celebrities and random people while they’re on their special event. Two years ago, she was out for a jog in Central Park when she suddenly photobombed a couple who were taking their engagement photos. Schumer surely knows how to make the best out of the most important event of our lives!