Baby Hippo Photobombs her Parent’s Reunion in a Heartwarming Family Picture

Image of baby hippo photobombs family picture

What’s more exciting than your parents reuniting? As a daughter, baby hippo Fiona knows how exciting it may seem to see your parents in one picture that she can’t help but photobomb it. Her photobombing stint makes a rare family picture of the hippos.

The family of hippos which consist of Fiona (baby), Bibi (mother) and Henry (father) was last seen together at the Cincinnati Zoo in Cincinnati, Ohio. The zoo and botanical garden is the second oldest zoo in the US.

Baby Fiona was a sight to see at the zoo since she’s adorable. She has been exploring Hippo Cove’s outdoor pool with her mother with a little contact to her father. This incident was the first time they’re in the outdoor pool together. When her mother and father posed for a picture, she can’t help but photobomb the moment and include herself in the picture. It then resulted to a very happy and heartwarming family portrait last Tuesday, July 11, 2017.

The Cincinnati Zoo staffs posted to Instagram to show the world a heartwarming family picture.

Image of Baby Hippo Photobombs
Baby Hippo Photobombs her Parent’s Reunion in a Heartwarming Family Picture

The rare incident before the zoo and botanical garden opened to the public. The family encounter went smoothly with Bibi being protective with her baby Fiona. There was even a time when Henry nudged Fiona while she was frolicking in the water. Bibi went on ahead protecting Fiona as if telling him to back off. Fiona’s mother intervenes every time Henry gets too close to her. The family drifted in the Hippo Cave with the supervision of their care team for about an hour.

Baby hippo Fiona was born on the 24th of January 2017 with a weight of 13 kilograms (29 pounds). Since she was born prematurely, and there were health risks. But then this brave little cutie overcame it all. The baby hippo captured the hearts of many people worldwide as she struggled to survive from her health risks. Not to mention that she was too cute as she withstands every struggle.

She now weighs 170 kilograms (375 pounds). It’s important to note that her parents weigh about ten times as her weight. In the span of 75 years, Fiona was the first Nile hippo born at the Cincinnati Zoo.