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Best Cat Photobombs

Image of Best Cat Photobombs

Cats have a unique personality. Sometimes these furry animals have their own world. And you can’t tell what’s going on their minds.

One thing you’ll love about cats is that they’re so clingy and like to get your attention. Although most cats are adorable, they’re also very active. When this mode is activated, these felines do funny things.

Some of these hilarious moments were timely-captured and went viral.

Check out how these cats purr-fectly mastered photobombing.

These first set of photos looks like cats are bitter and hate relationships.


It appears that these furry villains are willing to be the reason for every couple’s break-ups.

Sometimes you feel like taking a photo of a new dress you just bought from the mall. Or you just feel beautiful and don’t mind having a little photoshoot with your friend.

In the next set of photos, you’ll be convinced that cats are the main subject of the pictures. For sure, these felines look more like a star than you do.

Most days, cats just want to enjoy the day, be random and have fun.

So, if you’re a cat lover, keep anticipating random CATastrophic moments! They sure love mucking with their ‘hoomans.’