At this point, I don’t doubt that animals are by far the master photobombers of all time. They just know how to steal a scene with their innocent yet curious and funny photobombing stunts. Just like how an unusual bird photobombs a live cam weather report.

It was just another ordinary day for meteorologist Mark Tamayo. He just needs to do his job, and that’s giving people information about the weather for San Francisco after a gloomy week.

In the 34-second video, you can see that Tamayo was trying to report about the current weather for San Francisco’s KTVU weather segment. But in the middle of the report, he got a surprise from his little visitor, a bird! Check this one out:

When he cut to the station’s camera perched on a hill with an overlook view of the Golden Gate Bridge, the bird suddenly appeared at the camera. The bird was curiously peeking at the camera and looks like wondering what it is. The whole scene was on him.

Instead of cracking a good laugh, Tamayo took care of the situation well as he said to his producers, “I might need a little more time for this weather segment just because we have a little visitor.” He waited for a few seconds until the bird finished his scene in front of the camera. The bird had a 15-second scene on live cam.

This is the fun thing about live cams. There are a whole lot of surprises that await you.

The photobombing video was shared by Mark Tamayo on Twitter and 1.65 million views as of this writing. He captioned the tweet with, “Was a little speechless when this guy flew into the picture. Big thanks to this bird for adding some character to the forecast.”

After the visitor flew away from the camera, Tamayo went back to face the camera to finish his job. San Francisco still got their daily dose of weather report that got even better with the bird photobomber.