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Bitcoin Guy Holds Sign and Photobombs Speech

An unknown guy has been a cause celebre in the Bitcoin community as he photobombed Janet Yellen, a U.S Federal Reserve chairwoman, on live TV.

The time when the photobombing incident happened, Janet Yellen was testifying before the Congress. Yellen showed up before the House Financial Services Committee to give remarks concerning the US’s economic status. She also stated a semi-annual report as she’s the chief of the US Central Bank.

The whole scene was supposedly about Yellen and her remarks, but all of a sudden in between her speech, someone stole the spotlight.

It’s none other than the unnamed “Bitcoin Sign Guy!” He stared at the camera first then raised his legal pad that says “Buy Bitcoin.”

The photobombing happened while Florida Representative Bill Posey asked Yellen what the Federal is afraid of. It’s in regards to the persistent request by the public to audit the Federal. The Fed opposes to any auditing. As Yellen was about to answer the intriguing question, the “Bitcoin Sign Guy” made that great appearance. It was first unnoticed by the public until the Bitcoin community was talking about it. Even Yellen didn’t notice it and continued with her speech. The recorded video then became viral.

A certain “CryptoEthan,” a cryptocurrency trader took to Twitter saying that he knows the guy with the “Buy Bitcoin” sign. In another photo, the man holding his famous sign circulated for awhile on Twitter showed the mysterious photobomber’s Bitcoin address. The original tweet got deleted from Twitter, but the picture still spreads.

Image of bitcoin guy holds sign

As the picture was posted, a lot of Bitcoin donations poured in the said Bitcoin address. At a particular press time, it was stated that the guy raised a total of 6.87948688 Bitcoin donations which is equivalent to about $14,000. The data came from the

The mysterious guy just opened his doors to possible donations. On Twitter, his legal pad was put up for an auction with 2.6 BTC as the highest bid. Some even wanted to buy the tie he wore in the photobombing event.

In another information, it was said that the “Bitcoin Sign Guy” visited the CoinCenter, a non-profit advocacy group. He then took a picture with his notepad. It was estimated that the picture would be worth $ 5,000 if he decides to sell it.

This incident isn’t the first time that a Bitcoiner gets a public attention. Way back in 2013 and still on TV (ESPN), a college kid waved a sign that says “Hi Mom, send Bitcoin” with a QR code. The QR code was enhanced by Reddit followers to identify his Bitcoin address. He then started receiving Bitcoin donations that amounted to over $20,000.

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