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Brad Cooper Photobombs Brad Pitt

Image of Brad Cooper and Brad Pitt

Hitting two ‘Brads’ in one snap just means too much happiness! Check out as actor Bradley ‘Brad’ Cooper photobombs Brad Pitt in a seemingly happy picture at the Glastonbury Festival.

Last Friday, Brad Pitt made several appearances on the third day of Glastonbury Festival 2017 in Somerset.

He made an appearance from the side of the Pyramid Stage while country singer Kris Kristofferson takes his set on stage with Johnny Depp and Bradley Cooper as his sidekicks. The performance went on for over an hour.

Brad Pitt’s second appearance in the festival was backstage with the musician Chris Simmons (he’s a fan of Pitt). The musician grabbed the chance to take a selfie of his favorite actor, but as he takes the picture, another Brad smiled in between him and Brad Pitt. It turned out that the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 star has photobombed the selfie!

Simmons posted the photobombed picture of him and the two Brads on Instagram with a caption that goes, “When you get your photo with Brad Pitt photobombed by Bradley Cooper.” I’m sure hitting two Brads in one picture isn’t so bad. It’s got to be one of the exciting photobombing captures!

It turns out that Cooper wasn’t the only one crashing a photo. Pitt also crashed a scene while Cooper was filming a scene for A Star is Born. It was said that he unintentionally flashed backstage behind Cooper and Kristofferson. It seems like the two Brads are even!

Brad Pitt was in the UK for Okja’s special screening just in time for the festival. Okja is considered the first great Netflix movie and is produced by Pitt’s company, Plan B. The movie is all about a girl named Mija trying to stop a group from kidnapping her huge best friend, an animal named Okja.

Bradley Cooper was also at the festival as he shot a scene of his self-directed remake film, A Star is Born in front of the festival’s broad audience. The film also stars Lady Gaga and was first released in 1937. The film is set to release in 2018.

The Glastonbury Festival is an annual five-day music festival at Worthy Farm in England where many artists perform. Many thousands of people braved into a swarm of music lovers to enjoy the festival, jam with their favorite music and have a chance to see some celebrities that attend the festival. Unfortunately, the festival won’t take place next year so that the area where the festival took place has time to recover.