Chameleons are known for their sneaky ability to change their skin color and blend in with their environment. They’re best when it comes to camouflage. It’s their way of hiding from their predators in the wild, but this chameleon can’t just hide its cheekiness, and now the internet is up for its cuteness.

Chameleon for the camera

A hilarious video captured by Craig Durbin, a chameleon breeder from Southern California, features two chameleons in their usual mating ritual.

“In this video, you can see a very yellow colored male named Ozzy bobbing his head at the female,” said in his video.

In the video, Pandora is subject to her friend’s romantic advances, Ozzys. The female chameleon shrugs off the mating ritual initiated by the male since she’s more interested in shooting her tongue at the owner’s camera. Darting her tongue is her usual ritual.

Her curious face shows up as if she’s born to be goofy when a camera is around.

“Anytime I pull out my camera phone she runs over to see if I have something to feed her and usually she will attempt to shoot her tongue at my phone,” Durbin said.

Chameleons have long tongues that can stretch out one and a half times their bodies length. Needless to say that Durbin has been hit by Pandora’s tongue a few times.

The 54-year old owner of the two reptiles has been keeping such kind of pets since he was 10 years old.

Do Chameleons make good pets?

It’s easy to understand why people find chameleons fascinating and want to have them as pets.

If you’re thinking of keeping one chameleon as a pet, you need to be careful. Chameleons are hard to maintain. Inexperienced reptile owners shouldn’t start with this kind of reptile.

Chameleons don’t find cuddling interesting. If you want a pet to snuggle, a chameleon is not the pet for you.

Wild reptiles tend to be infected with parasites. It’s advisable to determine the health of the animal before you buy one. Find a chameleon that’s active and looks healthy. Bright coloration is also a sign that it’s in good health condition.

Veiled Chameleons, Panther Chameleons, and Jackson’s Chameleons are the most popular species that kept as pets. Chameleons like to be kept in solitary so you shouldn’t keep them with others. They must be kept in a cage with lots of foliage to climb.

Chameleons make good pets, but before you get one, you must do thorough research about their care requirements.

Chameleons have heat and light needs since they need to regulate their body temperature. They also need to be fed with crickets, or waxworms daily. Your chameleon may also be fed with dust insects along with a calcium supplement may also twice a week.

While the chameleons are in their new homes, try not to handle them for 3 to 4 days. You need to give them ample chance to adjust to their new home.

With proper love and care, chameleons might just give you enough fun and excitement just like Pandora, the chameleon photobomber.