Chris Hemsworth has just pulled off the SSSexiest photobomb ever. Triple ‘S’ for Sexy, Sizzling, and Sultry. Everything about him is just that. And everything that he does is also just those things. So summer is fast approaching, and what does that mean? It means it’s celebrity photobomb season!

Book a flight with your travel agent and get the best deals on bike trips, beach vacations, and mud runs. If you’re super lucky maybe you too can be photobombed by a hot looking superstar! And get a 1000 likes on a photo from your vacation by having a famous demi-god with their mouthwatering abs in the background. And get impressions coming from old high school friends that you don’t even recognize. Now they’re finally excited to see you! Everyone’s  excited for you! Suddenly, you’re  an Avenger!

Chris Hemsworth, an Aussie demi-god, rocks social media when he photobombs a couple with his god-like physique. His photo bombing opens Celebrity Photobomb Season with a bang and massive impressions in social media. The casual semi-clothed shot of Thor posted on Instagram was captioned: “Hey guys get out of my shot @lukemun @aprilmun.” For many, it was the best way to begin the super hot Celebrity Photobomb season.

In the picture,

Chris Hemsworth can be seen poolside behind a happy couple, chilling out and relaxing.

Thor blends perfectly into the majestic scenery. Is that Thor of Ragnarok? Nope, it’s Chris Hemsworth with his mouthwatering abs!

For the sake of the fans, let’s examine the mouthwatering Photobomb of Thor carefully. Chris’s arm is carefully but calmly propped on his hip, like he’s Miss Universe representing the land ‘Down Under’.

Celebrities are into photobombing this season. For Chris, the arm prop is a perfect pose because it highlights his killer abs, while still looking legitimately Godlike. So bow down mere mortals, to those abs and the smile that could launch a war in Asgard. I presume those abs are worth dying for. So, good luck! Or should I say may the odds be in your favor?