Get ready for another winged photobomb! It seems like our little-feathered friends have been making a lot of scenes in front of the camera. But you can’t deny it! You love those bloopers as much as we do!

Finland’s traffic camera just captured a curious owl photobombing the road scenes! The cute bird actually stayed on the camera for over 3 minutes, but the shared clip was only about 30 seconds. It seems like it’s examining the device. We got a very curious photobomber here guys!

Some say that maybe he saw his reflection on the cam’s protective shell and lens cover or perhaps not. Who knows what this little bird was thinking?

The owl photobomber blocked the view of the Finnish Transport Agency on the road near the Tampere coastal tunnel.

He suddenly perched in front of the traffic camera without the intention of preventing anyone’s view.

Just look how he stares for a few seconds in front of the camera then occasionally glancing as vehicles pass down the road. I don’t know about you, but he’s just so adorable.

This photobombing scene was captured by two traffic duty officers who were at first wondering what’s in the cam. They steered it a little and found out it was an owl trying to inspect the device with wide eyes. Small birds and crows are often visitors of the traffic cam, but an owl visitor is a rare event.

The Finnish Transport Agency installed these cameras all over Finland to store snapshots of traffic violators.