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Cute Toddler Photobombs His Mom’s Yoga Video

Raising a toddler while maintaining the avid yogi in you sounds empowering. Wait until you see the blend of the two in a video. The challenge is to resist laughing.

A yoga enthusiast, Carly Gray, had no idea that recording herself on a cell phone while doing a headstand would pave her way to fame. Thanks to her 2-year-old-son Jude for crawling into the frame. He’s crawling his way to being an instant online sensation.

“I set up the video, and I started doing yoga. I like to look back on the video because you can see your form and posture better,” Gray said.

See that cute grin the toddler gave while crawling back and forth?

Bet you also feel the urge to hop into the video and pinch that fluffy cheeks!

“When I came down I looked at the video, and I had a pretty good laugh,” Gray added.

The mom posted their cute video on Facebook for her family and friends to see. She also decided to submit it to the ‘Love What Matters’ Facebook group. It’s not just any group since it boasts 7.7 million members.

Since then, the video captured the hearts of the international media. You can’t blame them, can you?

So far, British and American news organizations approached Gray.

“I did not expect it to blow up the way it did,” Gray said.

For the young jokester’s part, he was oblivious to his new-found fame. He’s still caught up with being a yogi in his own ways. Kids can be kids trying to act adults. Maybe that makes them more cuddle-worthy.

“For being two, his personality is very, very defined,” Gray described her son. “We sat down and watched the video after and he just lost it. He was laughing watching it.”

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