A funny and mischievous Daniel Ricciardo photobombs an unaware Valtteri Bottas in one of the racing events they’re both up to.

In the picture, the Finnish racer Valtteri Bottas was interviewed by a female reporter. He seems to answer the question thrown by the journalist when Australian racer photobombed the interview. He posed for a while in the middle of the journalist and Bottas while making a funny face in front of the camera. It was a hilarious photobomb, especially that Bottas seemed to be unaware of the whole scene. It looks like they won’t race against each other, proving that they’re playing a fair game that ends on the race track.

Riccardio was often dubbed as the class clown of F1.

He’s currently racing in the Formula One for Red Bull which he has been with since 2014. He replaced Mark Webber in the team after Webber announced his retirement.

Meanwhile, Bottas is currently competing as a Mercedes Finnish racer in the Formula One. He achieved his first victory just this year’s Russian Grand Prix when he finished the race as first. Adding to his recent racing achievement is the one from the Austrian Grand Prix.

This photobombing scene happened on the Austrian Grand Prix, Formula One World Championship. The race finished off with Bottas winning, having a time of 1:21:48.523. Ricciardo finished off as third with 6 seconds behind Bottas.

The other winners of the race include Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) tailing on the second, Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) on the fourth and Kimi Raikkonen (Ferrari) on the fifth place.