The former British Prime Minister, David Cameron seems to be enjoying a good break from politics. He was spotted chilling his way out at the Wilderness Festival at Oxfordshire. With, the festival goers all up in musical enjoyment, who would’ve thought that David’s up for a photobomb?

In a crowd of revelers,

David Cameron photobombs festival selfie of a Labor activist couple. It was only realized after the couple skimmed through their captured photos of their camera. The ex-PM’s wife Samantha was also captured in the picture.

Looking posh and making it better with the former British Prime Minister photobomber! But why with that poker face look, Mr. Cameron?

Oxfordshire recently hosted the annual Wilderness Festival. The revelers said that it was the poshest festival ever. They all got a four-day fun musical experience with all the fantastic amenities and people in their posh outfits.

Meanwhile, Steve Price and his wife were having good vibes at the event with the vibrant tunes of Vanessa Price, Grace Jones, and Bonobo. They weren’t aware that the ex-Tory MP for Witney was bumping into the picture.

The presence of the Camerons at the festival didn’t prevent Labor activists from having fun at the event. Well, hugging former leaders of the conservative party wasn’t even problem. Now, you can see a smiling David with his cigarette and drink while hugging a Jeremy Corbyn fan.

Incidentally, Conservative MP George Freeman said that he was arranging a festival of ideas for Tory party activists sometime in September. Moreover, Mr. Freeman’s idea came after Jeremy Corbyn of the Labor party stole the show at Glastonbury this year.

Is there a possibility that the Camerons will show up during the event?

Will there be another photobomb moment from the former Prime Minister?

Let’s see in September!