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Deer Photobombs Two North Texas Kids

Photography will never be as epic as what Crystal Wise of Crystal Clear Photography and Camie Bolin of XO Yours Truly Photography experienced at Eagle Mountain Park in Fort Worth, North Texas.

What’s so special about this experience?

It’s just an ordinary photo shoot until a deer photobombs two North Texas kids while they make epic poses for the photo shoot.

Taking pictures of children is a challenging task as most of the time they’re uncooperative. Sometimes it doesn’t go as planned. With these two kids, things didn’t go poorly. It unexpectedly became the best memorabilia for both the families and the photographers.

The first photobomb incident happened when Crystal Wise planned everything out for the session. She placed a pink lemonade stand for a photo shoot of a little girl named Myla. While Myla made poses on the lemonade stand, a deer unexpectedly photo bombed the scene.

Image of deer photobomb kid

Image of deer photobombs

Everyone went speechless when the deer came near the lemonade stand and posed as if trying to buy a drink. Myla kept cool and interacted with the deer. The whole interaction made the entire photo shoot look all fascinating.

Another photo bombing incident happened when the same deer photo bombed a photo shoot with Camden, a six-month-old baby.

Image of deer photobombing

Camie Bolin got all surprised when the innocent deer came near Camden and posed for the picture taking.

Tori Holliday, Camden’s mom, said, “I mean, we had him in a blue shirt to get his eyes to pop, and then the deer showed up and just made it crazy!”

The two photographers said that both kid’s parents were nearby when the photo shoots were happening and were prepared to rescue the children when necessary. They also stated that it’s a wild deer, but seems to be comfortable around people.

Eagle Mountain Park will always be remembered because an epic moment experienced by two photographers and their valued clients. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience for them which is just perfect!

TV station NBC, of Dallas, Texas (NBCDFW.comdidn’t let the remarkable event come to the pass. They featured the photo bombing incidents in their nightly news broadcast.

Here’s the entire video of their news report.

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