Snapping a photo with the apple of your eye during your out-of-the-country vacation must result in a helluva romantic portrait. But with our wacky celebrity around, you can expect another photobombing spree to turn the mood around.

Hey, it’s Derek Hough again! You might be familiar with how he can’t stop adding to his long list of the photobombing moments!

This time he jumps into the background of Jenna Johnson and Val Chmerkovskiy’s cute selfie.

The cute selfie happened during the getaway of the Dancing With The Stars celebrities, Val and Jenna, Derek and his longtime girlfriend, Haley Erbert. The tropical vacation at the Cabo San Lucas, Mexico was in celebration of the end of the 25th season of DWTS.

Over the weekend, the couples enjoyed various romantic activities like watching movies on the beach, dune buggy ride, and cliff diving. It may not be as romantic, but their iguana photo op was also one for the books!

Derek also didn’t miss the chance to share a super fun moment with the love of his life Hayley on the beach when the resort spelled his name out wrong in the sand. The honest mistake added goofiness to their already-goofy relationship.

The couple can’t help but be cute together. Kissing under the Christmas tree, dressing up as Wonder Woman and donning a bear suit, and trying out a vegan diet together. The list can go on, proving Derek and Hayley are such a couple to beat!

As Derek can be notorious for being romantic on-cam, you can’t forget how talented he is in photobombing.

Celebrities photobombing other celebrities might be typical these days, but why are they still so fun to watch? Is it because it shows how stars can be as quirky as average people can be? Maybe, yes. Whatever the reason might be, Derek has what it takes to be one of the most-acclaimed photobombing celebrities.

Check out more photos below and get a glimpse of their fun-filled romantic weekend!