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Dog Photobombs Bunnies Intentionally

Have you ever felt left out because your parents or even your friend has someone new they’re fond of? Most especially if you have a new baby sibling, it feels like they love you a little less and you’re jealous. Their attention is diverted to the new favorite. That’s when you start hating the new baby, and then you start doing nasty things. It’s either to annoy the new favorite or to catch your parents’ attention. See how this dog photobombs bunnies intentionally because of jealousy.

This video definitely tells you that even a dog can feel jealous!

It’s a cute sibling rivalry between a dog and three bunnies intentionally in a video taken by their owner.

The video was supposed to be all about the three rabbits named Lightning, Toro, and Batman. But then the Mini Australian Shepherd, Buster Brown, is so jealous that he just had to photobomb the whole video. Check out the video below where he certainly doesn’t want to be upstaged by the little fellas.

As you can see, he has been blocking the bunnies so that they won’t be seen in the camera. When the bunnies hopped the other way around, he then follows and blocks them again standing in front. That’s how bad Buster Brown wants to be included in the video or wants the video all to himself.

Our heart goes to you Buster, but be friendly at least! They’re just bunnies! I’m sure your owner still loves you as much as she loves those bunnies. No need for sibling rivalry. I hope he’s friends or at least civil with those bunnies now.

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