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Cute Dog Photobombs Owner’s Yoga Video

It’s supposed to be a simple yoga video for the day until a cute dog wanted to make it perfect… perfectly hilarious!

A very funny short video clip has been released over the internet of a cute dog and his owner who’s supposed to be filming her yoga poses. Surprisingly, the cute dog photobombs his owner’s yoga video as she tries to demonstrate an impressive downward dog to wheel pose.

In this short video, the woman in yoga pants can be seen stretching out her legs as her pet, who’s wearing a pretty neckerchief, steals the show. The cute little pooch named Fido wanted to join in the action and innocently made candid poses on the camera while blocking his owner’s yoga exercise.

The funny short video has been gaining viewers since its release on a US-based site Imgur with over 3.5million views. Online viewers even gave positive comments about the funny video. This person even nailed it with a remarkable comment:

‘The best thing about animals is that they never act funny on purpose, which makes them even funnier.’

Some yoga poses like the downward-facing dog, are clear gestures that our furry friends may have thought of this yoga pose before we did. While they may not be feeling the spiritual perspective that many yoga enthusiasts may experience, you can tell that they still love to be your yoga buddies… or instructors, perhaps?

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