If you’re a regular viewer of Animal Planet, you probably know the comical things that animals do. If there’s one thing that they do faultlessly it’s photobombing. We talked about dog, cats, and birds in the past, but there are more of them that we have to discover. Today, we feature Giraffes, and the truth to be told about their mastery in photobombing. But, just when you thought that they can never do better in photobombing, wait until they bomb your perfect holiday photos. With that, we’ve compiled the funniest Giraffe photobombs and stories. Reminder:  Some people find it hard to recover from an animal photobomb this good.

In this article we’ll cover the following:

  1. This picture of lovebirds was taken during the Six Flag Great Adventure.   All is well, until one Silly Giraffe got in the way with his gigantic tongue. It almost covered the face of the boyfriend.  Well, this Giraffe wanted a French kiss!
  2. The whole snapping occurred when a Giraffe appeared in the scene.  The almost picture perfect photo turn into an epic photo bomb. I hope they still had a happy ending after the entire incident.Image of couple and smiling giraffe
  3. When a friendly Giraffe Loves a Good Breakfast. We all knew that Giraffes eat leaves and buds on shrubs and trees. They love flowers and fruits, too. This gatecrashing incident is so epic.  It definitely belongs to the funniest photobombing list.Image of breakfast with the giraffe
  4. Mirror, Mirror on the wall. Who’s the prettiest of them all? If you look at the picture closely, you’ll see a photogenic Giraffe at the back of the sweethearts.Both are good looking people, but the Giraffe never fails to look the best on this shot.Well, I suggest that this one needs to be framed.Image of couple and giraffe
  5. This is probably one of the funniest Giraffe photobombs ever.  Giraffes are herbivores, they only eat plants. And like any other animal, they need water. It’s sometimes difficult for them because of their long neck. This picture is an example of a face swap between Nessie and the Giraffe. Again, Nessie, Is that you?Image of girl with giraffe
  6. Rated XXX!  You’re not supposed to make love in this area! Well, this picture doesn’t need further explanation. And we’re very sorry that we put this on the funniest giraffe photobombs ever.Image of kid and x rated giraffe
  7. Is that dirt on your dress? I should fix that one for you. Well, nothing extraordinary about this prenuptial shoot, until this Giraffe enters the scene.  The good thing is that it brings out the best smile of the bride, and the candid emotion of the groom.  Is this a photobombing? Or just a part of their pre-nuptial scene? Nonetheless, we included this to the funniest list.Image of sweet couple and giraffe
  8. One thing you’ll notice is the smile and the confidence of this friendly Giraffe. Oh by the way, the photobomber here is very handsome. Wouldn’t you all agree?Image of mother,child and giraffe
  9. We have a Giraffe as a special guest in our wedding celebration, but please stop! This is not what it should look like.Image of newly wedded and giraffe
  10. Ed Sheeran once said “We keep this love on a photograph”, but this love making act in the picture is totally a not so good family scene.  It’s like the scene in the movie 50 shades of Grey that wasn’t aired because of the X rated content.Image of father and son and rated giraffe
  11. The saying “Looking through the eyes of love” is very true for this newlywed couple. But not for this envious Giraffe. No! I’m the bride, pay attention to me!Image of newly wed couple with Giraffe photobombing