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Funny Wedding Photobombs

Weddings are supposed to be… sacred. But sometimes, tying the knot shouldn’t be downright uptight.

While the notion of a wedding may be all white dresses and flowers, some funny things might happen, and it might be one of the things newlyweds will remember for the rest of their lives. Like these photobombs!

1. Ghostly Surprise

It was supposed to be an adorable snapshot until somebody peeked as if he’s invited.

A Reddit user kmdallday and his wife posed for a supposed-to-be a favorite wedding photo… until someone lurking got their attention! The face posed as if he’s up for something, don’t you think? Creepy!

2. Veiled Surprise

The veil heightens the scary vibe. Is it Hitler? Hope not!

3. Lurker on the Loose

It looks like grandpa was too excited for the after-party!

4. Celeb Doppelgänger?

There’s an advantage filming in public places. These newlyweds can’t agree more.

When they inspected their photo, they thought how that guy kinda looked like someone from Scrubs. And on their second look? Wow! They realized that it’s was Zach Braff! This photo instantly became an internet gold.

Calling Beyonce! Thank you in advance!

5. Bombs Away!

It was supposed to be scenic! Now, it’s way more scenic!

6. Leap of Faith

He wasn’t trying to pose for the camera, right?

7. Where’s Waldo?

He’s not good at camouflage.

8. Stuck in the Middle With You

This guy was enjoying his peace on his table. And in a sec, oops! He’s in the middle of somewhere he shouldn’t gaze at.

9. If the Tables were Reversed…

Guys can be excited about bouquets, too! They even secured one for each.

10. Cry for Attention

What’s a little act of kindness in times like these? This groomsman must know it all.

11. Bridesmaids Behaving Badly

Who says you chase the sun during weddings? Get on with those boots!

12. Maid of Dishonor

Don’t get it wrong. The MOH was just trying to protect the bride or something.

13. Nosey Nancy

A kiss shouldn’t hurt! But this bridesmaid makes it look like it is! Snooping around in a red dress must be the new trend.

Image of Funny Wedding Photobombs

Funny Wedding Photobombs

14. A Fly on the Wall

She’s so happy that she escaped without the newlyweds noticing… or so she thought!

15. Walk the Walk

We could always use a bridesmaid that turns a nerve-wracking moment into a comical one.

These photos prove that no matter how you meticulously plan a wedding, there’s always room for the bizarre poses. When you make way for the bride, it’s also okay to make way for photobombs!

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