[td_block_video_vimeo playlist_title=”” playlist_v=”” playlist_auto_play=”0″]Photobombs are already hilarious just the way they were before. But as people got more into the trend, the photobombing also got smarter and funnier. People not only create simple photobomb photos anymore, people have started making gifs of photobombing. And guess what, they actually turned out to be hilarious!

There are a lot of funny photobomb gifs to choose from. It’s hard to choose who gets to be on top. So I’d just give you the ones that most people find hilarious.

In this article we’ll cover the following:

Can this get any more adorable?

We see Mary Ann Ahern, a reporter whose blabbering about something. Yes, Mary Ann seems famous since she works for the BBC. But it wasn’t her that made this gif famous. It was the charming young fellow who photobombed her at the back.

Look at the kid showing her dance moves; she could be next Beyonce for all we know. You go kiddo, never stop dreaming!

The D-Lister

Amy Poehler is already a famous Hollywood comedian. It’s not her wink though that gained this picture attention though, it was the person at the back. The self- proclaimed D-Lister of Hollywood, the infamous Tina Fey. On and off camera, she’d still be a great comedian as she’d always be. Her quirkiness makes her an A-lister actress to the hearts of people she brought laughs to.

Three Points!


Alexis Wangmene is one of the favorite undrafted picks of the NBA 2012 Draft. Although he wasn’t selected to play in the NBA, he got to play pro for European teams. So, it isn’t new that people would want photos of him. But it’s not every day that people photobomb him.

Here we see him looking at something, while someone else is looking at him behind his back. The surprise of it all is when someone stands in front of him and blocks his view. Three points to the lady in orange! Wohooo!

The Invasion of Robot

Robots are taking over the internet! As technology progresses, so does artificial intelligence. Robots are getting smarter, and funnier as it seems. They not only now know some human actions but also social trends as well.

And it seems that they already know how to photobomb! As you can see here, this guy is happily reporting whatever it is he is reporting about. But in the background, a man and his friend Robot decide to pump it up a notch. What better way for a robot to start conquering the world than by photobombing someone on national tv?!

Please don’t invade dear robots!

“I’m sexy, and I know it.”

“I know the ATM’s gone, but my Sexiness is still here.”

This might have been what was on this guy’s head. Someone has stolen the ATM, and Fox News was reporting about it. Apparently, the missing ATM was not the only thing that got to the headlines.

This guy, whoever he was, brought his sexiness onto the screen. And look at him – who could resist that strut of his?! Sexy, right?! Right?!

Interview Time means Intervening Time!

Does anyone here not recognize Lebron James or Chris Bosh? We know them from what used to be the Dream Trio of Miami Heat.

We also know that they were not only teammates but also good friends. And what do good and beloved friends do to each other? They photobomb each other during interviews of course!

To Glory not Gory!

Hillary Clinton Hawaiian Photobomb

Hillary Clinton was one of the people that could have been President of United States. She’s also the wife of an ex- President of the United States.

She held several government positions as well. Who would have thought that someone with her status would be photobombed by an almost naked man running with a torch in hand? I certainly didn’t. But, gladly, as any lady of her status would have done, she just laughed it all off.


The press loves to photograph celebrities. And here, Sarah Jessica Parker is willingly posing for one. But did the Paparazzi expect that they would shoot two lovely Hollywood actress instead of just one?

We all love Jennifer Lawrence. We all love her real nature, and quirkiness. This gif just shows how quirky she can get. Even celebrities can’t help laughing! You go Mockingjay!

Here you go – eight hilarious photobomb gifs! Laugh at them, and learn from them. You never know – your photobombing skills might impress someone. And sooner or later, you could be in a gif yourself.