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Gigi Hadid Photobombs

Image of Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid is a household name in the world of fashion – whether it’s in or out of it. Having started the modeling arena at a tender age of 2, it’s not a great wonder. She began as a model for baby Guess. Took some time off to concentrate on her studies. This was short-lived, she suspended studying criminal psychology and went back to the modeling arena last 2013.

The rest, as they say, is history. Gigi Hadid speaks of class and elegance. Those assets are probably her edge on becoming Vogue Magazine’s prominent and stable cover girl. You could say that she was meant to be there. One photo proved that she’s Vogue’s long-time standing cover girl. She only photobombed a Vogue photo shoot at the age of 5.

Look at her. How cool is it to look back and see ’90s Gigi in a photo shoot in Paris? Most especially because Hadid ended up walking in Paris Fashion Week just under two decades later.

She’s been gracing Vogue covers for years after that epic walk in Paris.

As a way to commemorate her years in Vogue, she sent out a tweet on her “first ever Vogue cover shoot.” So on a Thursday afternoon, Gigi sent out a request to all of her fans, asking for an old photo from a French Vogue magazine.

Gigi tweeted, “SOS! Looking for that photo of me when I’m really young (5 maybe?) when I got caught in a French Vogue photoshoot .. any1 have it?”

Wait, aren’t supermodels supposed to have personal assistants to do all the search and recovery mission stuff? Well, maybe their operations were futile. This might be why they resorted to an excellent option – the people on the Internet.

Well, the netizens didn’t disappoint. Just a few hours after Gigi tweeted that SOS, she got a numerous response and finally found the prophetic picture.

At a tender age of 5, she totally nailed it even though it’s just a photobomb. Gigi Hadid definitely slayed the picture. What do you think? Is it a slay or a nay?