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Gisele Bundchen’s Serenade Video for Tom Brady Photobombed by Son

Gisele Bundchen's Serenade Video for Tom Brady Photobombed by Son

Being a Victoria’s Secret Angel might be one of the most coveted fantasies for some women. The models exude beauty, not just because of their gorgeous physique, but because of their determinations to conquer.

As for the case of Gisele Bundchen, 37, who has her fair share of exciting moments being an Angel, the runway is all memories now as she takes the backstage for essential mom duties with her family.

Behind the curtains, she has more time with her other favorite things to do. Making music is one of her choices.

Bundchen recently captured the hearts of her Instagram followers as she posted a video of herself in her comfortable space by the pool. She was strumming the guitar while singing in Portuguese. As beautiful as the moment could be, the video has something more amusing in it.

Behind the former Victoria’s Secret model is her son, Benjamin, photobombing his way as he dances while his mom sings. The eight-year-old child seemed to dance with the sunset behind him, painting a perfect afternoon with the family.

After all the dancing and photobombing, the boy then dives into the pool. The little child walked past his supermodel mom again as Bundchen continues with serenading her NFL favorite husband.

I love my singer and I love this boy! ❤ #makingdadsday

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The Instagram post has the caption “I love my singer, and I love this boy! [HEART EMOJI] #makingdadsday.” The playful caption was made by the New England Patriots quarterback himself, Tom Brady.

As the former VS Angel enjoys her downtime from the spotlight, her husband recently gave a hint that he might be quitting his day job too.

The five-time Super Bowl winner confirmed that he would play for at least one more season with his team, but it may be his last. As long good things might come to an end, a finish in the career might mean more meaningful moments with the love of their lives. It’s a win-win.