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Lucky Tennessee Glider Photobombs the Solar Eclipse

Last Monday was a great opportunity for the people in the US to have witnessed the solar eclipse. Many have enjoyed the amazing view and tried to capture the remarkable moment. Well, there have been a lot of photos of the solar eclipse. However, there’s this one picture that puts people in awe.

Lucky Tennessee glider photobombs the solar eclipse!

While all eyes were on the skies for a good look at the solar eclipse, Chris Layman opted for a glide in the skies to create an eye-catching photo. His efforts surely had an incredible result as his photobomb of the solar eclipse was purely an epic shot.

From above the ground, he was able to take a good look around the vicinity and saw what was going on the ground.

“During the total eclipse or 99 percent, I saw a lot of shadow bands.” Layman said.

“It looked like the wildlife was everywhere. The deer were out feeding. It looked like the fish were out a little bit more. Got to see a bunch of colors.”

His friend, Arthur Hatcher, was on the ground capturing the beauty of the solar eclipse. Arthur and Chris combined their skills and talents to create stunning photos of the remarkable event.

The photobomb was posted on social media, particularly on Facebook. His perfectly-timed photo had garnered a lot of likes and reactions on Facebook. It surely was just a phenomenal moment for him and his friend.

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