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Itchy Dog Photobomb

A sunny weather is the best time to enjoy outside our homes. The favorable places to hang out are parks and meadows. People gather for a picnic, play with their pets, or just adore the sunlight touching to our skin.

In this video, a couple hangs out and are having fun with their two dogs on a grassy area. You can see one of them filming their Great Dane, Elliot, who’s trying to pose perfectly in the video. Suddenly, an itchy dog photobombs the candid moment and steals the show. The small dog named Sprocket ruins the entire show by giving his cute little rump a nice scratch on the grass.

There are the 17 seconds of fame for Sprocket!

The video gets viral and is posted in several known video-hosting sites. Sprocket looks funny while scratching his butt out on the grass but some viewers are concerned about it. Some of them had a good laugh watching the cute video. Others advise that he might need to take a deworming tablet for it.

As pet owners, one can usually observe that when dogs are dragging their behind, they more likely have worms.

So, when the bum is itchy, you gotta do what you gotta do!

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