We all know that Kanye West loves to be the center of attraction, doesn’t he? He has the habit of stealing the spotlight. This time, he didn’t intentionally steal the limelight, but he did anyway. Look at this photo as Kanye West photobombs Kim Kardashian and her dog’s selfie.

Image of Kanye West Photobombs Kim Kardashian and Her Dog's Selfie

Kim Kardashian and her adorable dog Sushi was trying to pose for a perfect selfie when a photobomber seemingly walks out on a corner. Yes, it’s no other than her hubby Kanye West. This photobombing incident was shared to the public last Thursday, August 3, 2017.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star shared this photo on Instagram with a caption that says

“When you’re trying to take a picture with a puppy, but your hubby photobombs you.”

It already received a lot of likes and comments from her followers.

This photobombed selfie of Sushi and Kim is just one of the many shared photos of Sushi. Scroll Kim’s Instagram account, and you’ll see her adorable poses that’ll melt your heart. It’s clear to see that the family is fond of their new family member!

Sushi is the new pet of their daughter, North. They got her a new puppy to take care of in preparation for her second sibling from Kim’s surrogate who’s reported to be born early next year.