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Kelly Slater Photobombs Surfer

Sharks are usually the mind-blowing photobombers of the sea. But this time, a world class surfer leaves his followers in awe with his incredible underwater photo. The 11-time world champion Kelly Slater photobombs surfer as he dives into the deep blue sea.

Hands down! The crystal clear waters are never a dull place for a noteworthy experience. Looking at this perfectly timed photo definitely, inspires everyone to love the ocean and surf.

Are you photobombing the Silver Surfer, Kelly?

Kelly Slater Photobombs Surfer

Are you photobombing the Silver Surfer, Kelly?

Slater stuns a wave of followers on Instagram and Facebook with his wicked underwater photobomb. And you can’t count the praises that this photo had reached. Well, do you wonder who’s surfing a barrel in that pic? It’s no other than John John Florence, another world class surfer.

Todd Glaser, the genius behind this incredible photobomb, perfectly showcased his knowledge and experience in producing impressive images shot under water. Pretty sure he’s got more captivating underwater photos in his collection.

This photobomb is currently the cover photo of the Proximity movie website.

Proximity is actually an intuitive portrayal of modern day surfing. It features eight of the world’s best surfers, which includes Slater and Florence, in pursuit to finding new waves. Their passion for surfing also inspires them to have a deeper understanding in exotic destinations.

The movie is directed by Taylor Steele who has been involved in the surf film industry for over twenty years.

“Surfing has grown up a lot over the last decade,” says Steele, “and we wanted to create something reflected that.”