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Kylie Minogue Photobombed by a Window Cleaner

Image of MAIN Kylie Minogue gets photo bombed by a window cleaner

Search the internet for the word ‘photobombs’ and you’ll see tons of hilarious photographs. Photobombing is the unintentional (or purposeful) act of being included in a picture that you’re not supposed to be in. Many photobombed photographs are hilarious. Some are weird, but some photobombers just have fairy dust in their pocket.

Just like the lucky, unnamed window cleaner in Sydney, Australia who accidentally received the biggest surprise of his day. He unintentionally dropped in front of a window while pop star legend Kylie Minogue was taking pictures. He ended up photobombing the singer while dangling in the air with his harness. Window cleaning can’t get any luckier for this man!
image of Kylie Minogue photobombed by a window cleaner

On March 6, 2017, sultry superstar singer Kylie Minogue was welcomed to Sydney in the best way she could ever imagine. The singer who’s known for her songs like ‘Can’t Get You Out of my Mind’, ‘Especially for You’ and ‘Locomotion’ couldn’t help but get all giddy. She even excitedly shared her photobombed pictures via Snapchat and Twitter. All because of her friendly photobomber, a light-hearted and ‘lucky’ window cleaner.

She quoted in her Twitter post, “My #Sydney welcome was even friendlier than usual…. Hah!!”. The post had some funny and cute comments.

After the Aussie singer arrived in the city and checked into the hotel, she decided to take some pictures by the window. She was making the most of the perfect view and lighting only to get surprised by a photobomber hanging in the window. They were both surprised and happy at each other’s accidental appearance, so they both gamely decided to pose for some more fun pictures.

She posted two pictures to her social media accounts. In the first one, she wrote a caption that said “Hi Sydney!”.

It shows Kylie sitting on a window ledge with the man folding his arms with a big smile on his face.

The second one was captioned “Clean windows? Have a chat? Squeaky clean. Nice to meet you!”. That one shows Kylie and the window cleaner facing each other with their hands up.

She sure seemed thrilled with this unexpected event! It’s hard to tell who was more surprised. Was it the window cleaner or Kylie? Either way, they both certainly had a good time. It’s not bad to share the limelight sometimes, right Kylie?

The pop and fashion icon was in town for the launch of her personally designed variety of glasses from Specsavers. Specsavers is a retail chain that operates all over the globe. They offer optician services, contact lens, glasses and hearing aids.

Her exclusive collection includes glasses with a touch of modern classic, vintage, and even some bling styles. See the sample pictures of the glasses that she’s designed. They show class and style.

The singer, just separated from her fiancé Joshua Sasse, seemed to be coping very well with the breakup. It seems that her collaboration with Specsavers and her upcoming album have helped her move forward productively. All the best for this timeless beauty and talent!