Imagine the thrill of a celebrity photobombing you. You’ll be freaking out. Now, imagine two celebrities photo bombing you simultaneously. You’ll be freaking out double-time. That’s both crazy and satisfying!

As Tonight Show features ‘Miley Week’ on Tuesday, the hilarious pair of Miley Cyrus and Jimmy Fallon surprised the daylight out of innocent tourists.

The sneaky celebrities chose to photobomb fans while they were snapping photos in one of the spinning chairs from The Voice.

They looked like high-caliber photobombers as they posed with their hoarded props. Behind the chair, they managed to synchronize their goofy positions without being noticed.

They even pulled out a sandwich-eating stunt from both ends.

But not being noticed while photobombing is just a pinch of the excitement. The real deal happened after Cyrus and Fallon revealed themselves to the fans. Imagine the meltdown the fans had to endure happily. You would wish you were there, too!

One of the best moments was when the fans would notice Fallon goofing around. And in a second or two, they freak out after realizing Cyrus was there, too. One moment they were astounded by a star standing right there. In another moment, there goes another one!

This feel-good segment in celebration of the ‘Miley Week’ has a noticeable contrast to Cyrus’ appearance on Monday’s episode. She opened that episode with a moving rendition of Dido’s ‘No Freedom.’

The pop star was with Adam Sandler on guitar during the song. They dedicated the heart-melting performance to the victims of Las Vegas shooting on Sunday.

Cyrus has the ability for pulling heartstrings with her talent. But, this 24-year old star isn’t just good at performing in a well-choreographed set-up.

Cyrus, along with Fallon (again!), surprised another bunch of unsuspicious people for a late night talk show. Back in June, the hilarious pair blended into the public and disguised as street musicians in a New York subway station.

The pair pulled their disguise very well. But Cyrus can’t seem to hide the power of her soulful voice. Soon after she started singing a cover of Dolly Parton’s ‘Jolene,’ people instantly pooled to behold such performance.

Soon enough, the revealed them. And again, it’s just another star-studded, nerve-wracking photo bombing experience.