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Montreal Couple’s Wedding Shoot Photobombed by Adam Sandler

Adam sandler was having his usual lunch in Montreal, away from the spotlight, but fans can’t just let him get away like that. Alex and Kevin were taking their most awaited wedding photos and the comedian was there in the area. It only took an intro before the real fun started.

“We told him we’re huge fans, we love his work, we’ve watched all his films,” the husband told BBC. Kevin said that Sandler agreed to take some photos after a few introduction by the couple.

The hollywood actor reportedly spent more time hanging out and chatting up with the couple. The photographer Sana Belgot did the job while the three were having fun together. Take a peek at the photographs below and notice how Sandler has been growing a bushy mustache.

Sandler enjoys a career rebirth with original comedy for Netflix. The show has been streamed 500 million hours of Adam Sandler’s work. He’s signed to produce eight original films with the streaming giant. The shows Sandy Wexler, The Do-Over, Ridiculous Six, and The Week Of are already out.

The comedian is one of the many celebrities involved in wedding photobombs. Have full access of the latest celebrity photobombs by subscribing to this site.

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