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Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka Announces the New Malay Word for ‘Photobomb’

Image of aMan Photobombed by the Shark

In this article we’ll cover the following:

It’s undeniable that you’re thrilled every time you take photos of beautiful landscapes or special events.

But it’s hard to achieve those superb photos when your friends are around you, right? The more silly your friends are, the more patience and right timing are needed to capture a beautiful photo.

Whether it’s intentional or not, the act of appearing in a photo with the original subject is called Photobombing. Sometimes, photobombing can ruin a beautiful photo shoot. But it can be hilariously entertaining. More and more people are prompt to do photobombing.

Some photos even go viral and turn photobombers into instant celebrities.

New Malay term for ‘Photobomb’

Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka, a language and literary planning and development agency, recently released new words in Malay.

These are the following words released by DBP:

  • Kata pikat (pick-up line)
  • Meridap (nap)
  • Swafoto maut (killfie)
  • Tunafoto (photobomb)
Image of a shock boy

Mind explosion

Now, there’s a fresher way to say ‘photobomb!’

Meaning Behind ‘Tunafoto’

Many people didn’t expect the Malay term for ‘photobomb,’ especially for English speaking countries. When interpreted literally, it’s a combination of the words ‘tuna’ which is a type of fish, and ‘foto’ which means photo in Spanish.

But according to DBP, ‘tuna’ in Malay means broken or flawed which makes it appropriate for the word being translated.

Malaysians use the term ‘enter-frame’ to describe the act of photobombing. Isn’t that too old and boring? Well, the newly released Malay word for photobomb indeed brings convenience to people when communicating. Some people find it weird. But it’s better to show respect for the language, culture, and the people of DBP.

All thanks to DBP, a new word is born. Time to spread the good news and make funny ‘tunafotos!’