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Peacocks Join an Indiana Couple’s Wedding for an Epic Photobomb

image of peacock photobomb a wedding in indiana couple

Every wedding is special and magical that you want every moment to be captured on camera. An Indiana couple who recently got married got their wedding photos extra special (and funny!) with their special photobomber, peacocks! Who would’ve thought these birds could make such an epic photobomb?

On August 25, 2017, Tamatha and Emile Conway celebrated their wedding day. It’s the day that they’ve been waiting for. The wedding was held at Meyer’s Castle in Dyer, Indiana. After the ceremony, they posed for a couple of customary photos when a colorful peacock stole the spotlight!

The estate where the wedding was held, is the home to the two colorful peacocks.

The bride stated that before the wedding ended, they were trying so hard to get pictures of the peacocks. The peacocks weren’t participating as they kept walking away as the bride tried to capture photos of the colorful birds.

But not until the wedding ceremony!

These peacocks were definitely a pro in photobombing.

Instead of ruining the picture, they made it even more special. They were posing for the customary photos when they just walked in the pictures.

The photobombers even took their photographer by surprise! Well, who wouldn’t be? The photographer stated that he could hear the wedding guests laughing, but he kept on snapping anyway. As he reviewed his shots, he found out why!

Image of peacock photobomb in a happy couple in indiana

Peacocks Join an Indiana Couple’s Wedding.

Look at that photobombing stint by this awesome peacock. One can totally understand the epic reaction of the junior bridesmaid Kaitlynn. Look at her face! She was surprised by the peacock’s special participation in the photo.

It was indeed one of the funniest experiences of the couple, the photographer, and everyone at the wedding. Well, they asked for it. These peacocks just gave them the shot they want!

Here’s another photobombing stint from the peacock to wrap this up!