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Pennywise the Clown Photobomb

A good prank is just always around the corner. Whether it’s for April Fools, Halloween, or an ordinary day. This article features a good prank inspired by a recent box office hit movie, ‘IT’ by Stephen King. ‘IT’ had the biggest opener for a horror film. A few days after, ‘IT’ cut the record for the highest-grossing Stephen King film and highest-grossing R-rated horror movie ever.

A month after the release of the movie, ‘IT’ reached another box office milestone by becoming the first horror movie to pass $300 million at the domestic box office. This movie also passed the $600 million record at the global box office in the same weekend.

This horror movie is running a total tally of more than $651 million at the global box office after this weekend. So it’s pretty safe to assume that Pennywise is the newest sensation and can be seen everywhere, even on engagement photos.

Jesse McLaren, who writes for BuzzFeed and was a former writer for Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report, decided to do a Pennywise prank. This prank is to be done at the expense of his sister’s engagement photo shoot.

The captured photobomb pictures look creepily funny and are a creative way to show some sibling love.

Of course, he did the shoot with a little bit of help from Photoshop. So he discreetly inserted Pennywise the clown on their pictures. Afterwards, he takes it to Twitter.

Here is his Twitter post:

What’s even funnier is McLaren says that as of the posting of his tweet, his sister didn’t notice the creepy clown hiding in different places in their photos. He made it even more creative by incorporating Tim Curry and Bill Skarsgård versions of Pennywise. Included in the images are some famous scenes from the movie like the sewer scene and Pennywise crawling out from the bush.

It’s fun to see how fans and people are getting creative and having fun with Pennywise the clown other than making it as a costume for Halloween.

As for Jesse McLaren, he has to erase every trace of Pennywise on her sister’s engagement photos to keep her happy. But we couldn’t say that maybe he’d re-insert Pennywise when the couple celebrates their 27th wedding anniversary. That would be double fun! What do you think about these creative photos? Are the images a yay or a nay?

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