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Philip Schofield Photobombed Christmas Selfie

Philip Schofield Photobombed Christmas Selfie

Fathers have a stereotypical image of being strict and are known to be protective of their children. It seems like there’s only a little chance to see fathers laughing and goofing around the house. It’s unlikely to see dads photobombing your group selfie. When it does happen, you got to admit that it’s a sight to behold.

For Philip Schofield, it’s not rare to see him smiling and goofing around. Being a presenter on the lifestyle program ‘This Morning’ and ‘Dancing on Ice’ (a British television show), it seems like a natural to see his chirpy self.

Some celebrities may look chirpy and cheery on TV, but they’re the total opposite in their personal lives. Why? We don’t know their exact reasons but perhaps they have something to do with separating their professional and personal lives. Well, you know that celebrities are human, but sometimes with special powers – powers to entertain us.

When they do get to grace us with a little bit of detail about their personal lives, it’s a fantastic thing. Just like what happened to Philip Schofield’s Christmas dinner.
The father of two decided to make fun of his daughter’s Christmas selfie. Can you believe that Philip Schofield photobombed Christmas selfie? No worries, it’s just his two daughters’ and their friend’s selfie. No harm was done.

Schofield Family Picture

Philip Schofield with wife Stephanie and daughters Molly and Ruby

Before the actual photobombing happened, he made sure that everything was perfect for his family during Christmas. He even proudly posted it on his Instagram account to show off his dining room table. Schofield decorated it with festive candles, miniature trees, and crackers.

Schofield's Royal Dinner

Dine like a royal with the Schofield’s

He also made sure he wasn’t going to be left out of any of his family’s festive photos over the Christmas period by becoming a pro at photobombing. So here’s the actual picture posted by his daughter.

Schofield Photobombed Christmas Selfie

Philip Schofield Photobombed Christmas Selfie

Here you can see Phillip and his wife Stephanie pulling faces in the background as the four girls smile to the camera. His daughter Molly captioned it with, ‘Such a great Christmas. Love these ladies so much, and lovely photobomb @schofe.’

When Philip Schofield photobombed a Christmas selfie, he indeed made sure that it’d be awesome. He’s not just an excellent host but also an impressive family man. What do you think about Philip Schofield’s photobomb? Is it a yay or nay?