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image of President George W Bush photobombs EmilyJonesMcCoy

George W. Bush Photobombs Reporter

Photobombing has been a very common thing nowadays. Even a former president can’t resist temptation of playfully photobombing someone! A ...
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Canadian President Trudeau Photobombs School Prom

Canadian President Trudeau Photobombs School Prom

Canadian President Trudeau Photobombs School Prom What makes prom nights fun and memorable? It’s the partying and the awkward moments ...
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image of David Cameron doing photobombs

David Cameron Photobombs Festival Selfie

The former British Prime Minister, David Cameron seems to be enjoying a good break from politics. He was spotted chilling ...
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image of Prime Minister and Elmo

Theresa May Photobombed by Elmo

Prime Minister Theresa May got photobombed by the famous red Sesame Street character as she cast her votes at Maidenhead, ...
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Image of Melania Trump and Panda

Adorable Panda Photobombs Melania Trump at the Beijing Zoo

Pandas are too adorable you wouldn’t mind being upstaged by them. But does someone like Melania Trump feel the same ...
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President Donald Trump Photobombs

Donald Trump Photobombs Family Holiday Picture

Christmas is one of the greatest times to take a break from work and stress. The president of the United ...
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Image of Monopoly man attending US Senate Hearing

U.S Senate Hearing Photobombed by Monopoly Man

Trump representative Mick Mulvaney showed before the Senate Banking Committee on Thursday to tackle his record as the acting head ...
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