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Rules and Regulations

This contest is created to gather photos of people getting photo bombed. It includes people photobombing other people. The mission is to choose the best photobombing images while creating a healthy and fun photobombing competition. We will select winners on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.
The photo with the most likes for the day, week, month and year, wins!


Name of sponsor:
Address: Suite 4, 2nd floor, Casa Azzurri Building, A. Velez St. Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines
Phone #: 088 881 4964


  1. To participate in the contest, contestant(s):
    1. may compete individually and as a group
    2. should adhere to the Contest Rules and Regulations while participating
    3. need to post an original photo bombing image
    4. if joined as a group, a representative must be chosen from the team
    5. may be able to participate more than once, as long as they remain eligible
    6. must submit an original photo that is not used by any other company or organization
  2. The following makes a contestant INELIGIBLE:
    1. below 18 years old
    2. connected in any way to the organizers of this contest
    3. the photo involves any criminal act
    4. related in any way with the Contest Sponsor(s) and/or Participating Organization(s)
    5. an employee taking a photo that at his place of employment, if such acts are prohibited
    6. using a company name for the photo used for submission
    7. plagiarized photo
    8. use the contest as a platform for advertising a company or a product
    9. representative of a company or an organization
    10. alterations to add the photo bomber in the photo
    11. using any automated or software based system(s) to increase likes
  3. Eligibility to claim the prize:
    1. contestant(s) themselves
    2. Immediate family of the contestant(s) with Authorization Letter
    3. Any person living with the participant with Authorization Letter


  1. To participate in the contest, the contestant must do the following:
    1. Fill out the registration form available at
    2. Confirm the email sent to your registered email address
    3. The owner of the confirmed email used upon registration shall be the contestant
    4. Submit an original photo
  2. Submission Deadlines:
    • Daily = from midnight to 11:59 pm next day
    • Weekly = from midnight every 1st day of the week to 11:59 pm Saturday
    • Monthly = from 1st day of the month to 11:59 pm at the end monthly
    • Yearly = from midnight of January 1st to 11:59 pm on December 31

Submission Rights:

Upon submission, the contestant(s) grants permission to use a copy of the photo. The contestant(s) also grants the Sponsor the right to use the photo in any way, for any purpose. The Sponsor will also have the right to publicize the name of the contestant(s) who have submitted the photos at Upon entering the Contest, the Contestant, therefore, agrees that the preceding constitutes a condition of the Contestant’s participation in the Contest solely and that nothing herein shall constitute procurement, including the acquisition of any intellectual property.

Winner Selection and Judging Criteria:

  1. We will announce the winners on the specified date stated on every event. The photo with the most likes and shares will be declared the winner.
  2. A photo’s content will be judged entirely by the website visitors and viewers
  3. The sponsor will keep track of the likes and shares accumulated by the photo submitted for the contest. People can see the ongoing views and likes at
  4. Winners shall be known at the end of the specified date, and we will post it on
  5. After the announcement of the winner, all photo entries will be void and are no longer eligible for the next level.


  1. Photo of the day = Sponsor gift certificate
  2. Photo of the week = Sponsor gift certificate
  3. Photo of the month = Sponsor gift certificate
  4. Photo of the year = Sponsor gift certificate


The organizers, sponsors and participating organizations will collect personal information from the contestant(s) when he/she enters the Contest. We will only use the personal information for the purposes involving the contest, and we will assure the contestant that we will not utilize the information in any other way.

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