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TV Weather Reporter Photobombed by ‘Giant’ SeaGull

Mornings are always great with lovely weather and laughter. And who says birds can’t make mornings brighter?

Recently, a TV weather reporter photobombed by ‘giant’ seagull is just going viral over the internet.

Tara Jean Stevens, the weather forecaster of the day, loses it when a ‘giant’ seagull distracted her while she was delivering the weather report in Vancouver.

Stevens said, “I won’t let him distract me, though.” But she just couldn’t resist the cute seagull who was trying to steal the show. Well, they didn’t know the gender of the seagull, but it gave a cheery atmosphere in the set.

(Caption) Seagull: Yeah, here’s some pretty serious matter to deal with Ms. Stevens – *photobombs*

It turned out that the cute ‘giant’ photobomber wanted to give another shot on Tara Steven’s weather forecast.

Three days later, the sea gull apparently was back for the show. While Stevens was talking about the recent viral photobombing incident, the sea gull shook its tail feathers for their viewers. It was almost like it knew what it was doing.

(Caption) Shake those tail feathers! Definitely, Stevens didn’t see that coming!

Though Stevens failed on keeping her composure during the two photobombing incidents, she won’t deny that the ‘giant’ seagull made the segment worth a watch. She’s just so lucky to have experienced it twice in a week.

Viewers finally had something worth watching early morning. For sure, one would anticipate its next appearance. Well for fun’s sake, the company should hire the newly discovered photobomber.

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