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Sunbather Shamelessly Photobombs Couple Wedding Shoot

Responsible and minimal sun exposure can bring a lot of benefits to our body, that’s why a lot of people are a fan of sunbathing especially in summer. But one sunbather was dubbed as ‘shameless’ after her rude and disrespectful manners. Find out why.

Devon guests were throwing negative comments about a sunbather that shamelessly photobombed a happy couple’s wedding shot. This incident happened in Tessier Gardens, a famous and beautiful public park. The couple, Mark Ling and Mandy Cripwell, got married at Furrough Cross Church in Torquay, a church next to Tessier Gardens.

You can see in the video that the sunbather is comfortably lying on the grass in front of the newlyweds with a photographer taking pictures inches away from her head. The sunbather did not even bother to move from her spot also if there were a lot of wedding guests surrounding the area.

Natalie Ling was the one who captured and shared the video. The video was a shot from her father’s cousin, Mark Ling. Everyone was so disappointed in the woman’s insensitive actions including Natalie who just traveled from South London to witness the celebration of love.

She couldn’t believe how one sunbather could ruin such a special event. According to her, that they were sure she knows what was going on since there are many wedding guests around. The photographer even kept on calling different names over for the pictorial.

She added that the woman was asked several times to move but chose to shrug their request. But they decided not to confront her and make a scene since they didn’t want to ruin the wedding even more. You can also see in the video that the chosen sunbathing spot of the lady was just a foot away from the garden’s sun temple. It was a favorite spot in the park for wedding shots.

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