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Suzy Photobombs Her Fans

Image of Suzy and her fan

If you’re a certified fangirl, meeting your idol may be the best feeling in the world.

But what if you’re already in the same room with your ultimate idol and you’re not aware that she’s goofing around with you?

That’s how Suzy’s fans experienced during her fan meeting. It was her birthday present to her die-hard fans.

The fans were excited about taking pictures at the photo wall. They were only told that they’d receive a poster when they do such.

Suzy being fun as she is, surprised her fans as she photobombed them. With a cute dress and high heels, Suzy managed not to be noticed as the fans took photos.

The fans were in awe about seeing their idol Suzy up-close.

Image of Suzy and Fans

Suzy Photobomb her fans


Suzy planned the event herself. She wanted them to find out that she’s around only after the fans saw these images:

Unnie Suzy, how can you be this beautiful and fun?