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Todd Frazier Photobombs Matt Holliday with Thumbs Down

Todd Frazier has done the thumbs down again, and he obviously loves it! His signature thumbs down has become all the rage in the Yankees land! Now, Frazier is donning his thumbs down while photobombing his fellow Yankee man, Matt Holliday while on-air for an MLB interview.

Matt Holliday was on-air as the MLB network interview interviewed him. Unknowingly, he was going to be the victim of Frazier’s photobombing stunt. In the middle of the interview, Frazier appeared in the background with a straight face and thumbs down. He was even wearing a white shirt with big ‘thumbs down’ print!

The photobombing stunt was shared by the MLB Network PR on Twitter with a caption that says, “He can’t stay away from the camera!” It has undoubtedly caught the public’s attention.

In case you don’t know, contrary to the usual connotation of thumbs down, the New York Yankees and Frazier use this sign for victory.

Frazier never thought that this ‘thumbs down’ salute would be much of a trend!

This trend has started last September 11 at Citi Field. On that event, the YES Network cameras caught a not-so-happy fan in the crowd giving thumbs down to Frazier. The Yankees third baseman just belted a three-run homer that time.

Two days after the event, Frazier has been doing the sign as well as the whole Yankees team! It seems like we’ll be seeing a lot of this thumbs-down sign from the Yankeeland!

Todd Frazier is playing for the New York Yankees as a third baseman in the Major League Baseball. He plays with his photobombing victim, Matt Holliday who’s the team’s designated hitter.

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