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U.S Senate Hearing Photobombed by Monopoly Man

Trump representative Mick Mulvaney showed before the Senate Banking Committee on Thursday to tackle his record as the acting head of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. As the hearing commenced, no one knew that the person beside him would steal the spotlight.

Amanda Werner didn’t shout or acted insanely rowdy in the room with all the respectable gentlemen. She was there, silently mocking the representative. She was dressed as a Monopoly board game mascot, Rich Uncle Pennybags. The activist spent two hours in the room, making sneaky funny expressions as the hearing continued. She was there for Mulvany, but not to support him. Take a look at the video and notice the uncanny use of mustaches.

Since Mulvany was named to the top CFPB job back in November, he never made a single enforcement action against payday lenders, banks, and other financial firms. He delayed the agency’s rule like targeting abusive paydays loans. The guy doesn’t believe that the CFPB shouldn’t operate and is friendly with the financial industry.

Before the Monopoly character dressing-up incident at the hearing, Werner also appeared in the Senate hearing of the Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. The activist was dressed as a Russian Troll.

The fans of Monopoly game must be familiar that Rich Uncle Pennybags isn’t a fan of monocles. As Werner did in her dressing-up game, the look may be a plausible improvement to the Monopoly character.

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