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Bolt Photobombs Gatlin after 100m Heats

Usain Bolt may have been really devastated and broken in his performance in the 100m heats last August 5, 2017. It was supposedly his last race before his retirement. However, Bolt photobombs Gatlin after 100m heats. It just proves that he’s such a great sport! Way to go Bolt!

Bolt’s longtime rival Justin Gatlin finished off the 100m with a victory. As he was interviewed right after the event, a funny Bolt bolted from behind in a leap photobombing Gatlin’s interview. He walked out naturally after his mischievous appearance.

The snippet of the video was shared by the Olympic Channel (@olympicchannel) on Twitter last August 5 with a caption that says “When a long-time rival @usainbolt photobombs your serious interview. Time for revenge, @justingatlin? #IAAFWorlds @iaaforg”.

Even though Gatlin was roundly booed by the people around the London Stadium, Gatlin said that there’s no tension between him and Bolt. We all know how 35-year-old Gatlin got some bad records and was even banned earlier in his career. That’s why a lot of fans aren’t pleased with him as the champion. He said that he and Bolt were in a ‘gentleman’s rivalry.’ After the event, all was well between the two. And that’s how it should be.

The race was supposed to be Bolt’s farewell party to the sport. But then he sadly ended up in third place.

This was his first defeat in a major competition since 2011. But he still proved how great his heart is for the sport and even his rivals. Right after the race, he went to hug Gatlin to congratulate him on his victory.

The 30-year-old Jamaican sprinter then turned to the London crowd and thanked them for the support. Since 2008, Bolt had run in victory for a total of 142 races which is already a remarkable record. However, he also apologized to the audience that he didn’t finish off the way he wanted it.

The 100m heats resulted in Gatlin winning first place while Christian Coleman finished off second. Bolt, eight-time Olympic gold medalist, and eleven-time World Champion finished off third.

At the end day, what matters most is how you handle defeat. Great thing Bolt had been such a sport and congratulations to Gatlin!

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