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Wedding Streaker Photobombs Wedding

Image of wedding streaker

Well, who doesn’t love a photobomb?

Now and then, everyone loves to have a good laugh. Much more if it happens in a major event of our lives. For the

Marshalls, they surely have a fun and memorable moment during their wedding day.

A wedding streaker photobombs wedding of a Scottish couple while they’re having a photo shoot on a beautiful lake in Scotland. Robert Wallace, who’s one of the newlywed’s friends, suddenly ran into the backs of the Marshalls in his birthday suit.

If you look at the photo, you can clearly see that the couple was surprised when he butted in and gave his best pose for the picture. The couple looked amused as you can see the laughs on their faces, especially that of the bride, Alana.

Do you wonder how he took his gears off and streaked right through the picture?

It surely was an epic moment for Robert with his chivalrous act to make the event worth remembering and fun. The bride, Alana Marshalls, was certainly amused and gave her support to her friend. She commented on Facebook wishing that they’ll do it again on the weekend.

However, the official photographer of the event, Stephen Jolly, chose not to post the other captured photos of the incident on Facebook. Whatever their reasons, for sure, it was the grandest, most brilliant day for everyone from start to finish.